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Kevin M. Hart 609.895.7334 Kevin M. Hart is the Chairman and Senior Litigation Counsel of the Stark & Stark Mass Tort Litigation Group. Mr. Hart has over 30 years of experience as a trial attorney stemming from his work as a Deputy Attorney General with the State of New Jersey, Division of Criminal Justice, to his development and management of several practice groups at Stark & Stark. Currently, Mr. Hart is Co-lead Trial Counsel representing numerous plaintiffs in the mass tort environmental contamination case of In Re Bristol-Myers Squibb Environmental Contamination Litigation. Mr. Hart has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney since 1994.

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$3.6 Million Verdict in Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

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As we have previously reported, thousands of lawsuits have been filed against Takeda Pharmaceutical Company for its medication Actos after studies revealed that diabetics taking the drug may be at an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that use of the diabetes medication Actos (pioglitazone) for more than… Continue Reading

Judge Denies C.R. Bard’s Request to Delay Trials

Posted in Medical Devices, Transvaginal Mesh

The litigation against manufacturers of pelvic mesh devices continues to increase nationwide. A pelvic mesh implant is a synthetic material implanted and tied to ligaments or bone to lift and support internal organs. The implants were introduced over a decade ago, and can serve as an alternative to a hysterectomy. Thousands of women, who were… Continue Reading

First DePuy Pinnacle Hip Device Trial Begins

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The trial of plaintiff Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli started last week in federal court in Dallas, Texas. The Paoli trial is the first of more than 6,000 cases filed across the country that have been consolidated in a Multidistrict Litigation (“MDL”) before the Honorable Edward Kinkeade, United States District Court Judge in the Northern District of Texas…. Continue Reading

New Jersey Court Upholds $11.1 Million Jury Award

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As we previously reported, an Atlantic County jury awarded a former nurse $3.35 million in compensatory damages and $7.76 million in punitive damages for injuries she suffered from a pelvic mesh implant made by Johnson & Johnson. The Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Ethicon, maker of the Gynecare Prolift pelvic mesh product, filed a motion requesting… Continue Reading

State Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Plavix® Manufacturers

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As we have previously reported, the makers of Plavix®, Sanofi-Aventis and Bristol-Myers Squibb, have been fined for engaging in anti-competitive behavior related to the sale and marketing of the medication. Plavix® is a blood thinner prescribed to prevent heart attacks, strokes and blood clotting. However, the users of Plavix® have alleged various forms of severe… Continue Reading

New Study Confirms Januvia/Janumet, Byetta and Victoza Linked to Pancreatic Injuries

Posted in Byetta, Januvia/Janumet and Victoza

As we have previously reported, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has asked all pharmaceutical companies involved in the development or marketing of incretin-based medications (Januvia/Janumet/Byetta/Victoza) to make patient level data on their products available for an independent review. Research into the safety of these incretin medications continues across the globe. A recent study published in… Continue Reading

Court to Select Bellwether Cases in Pradaxa Federal MDL

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As we have previously reported, the use of Pradaxa has been linked to serious injury.  There are nearly 600 cases currently pending in federal court in the Southern District of Illinois. Pradaxa is a blood thinner that was marketed to replace warfarin, a commonly used anticoagulant.  Unfortunately, there is no readily-available antidote for the internal bleeding… Continue Reading

Status Conference for Byetta, Januvia/Janumet and Victoza Litigation

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As we have previously reported, the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) granted multidistrict litigation (MDL) treatment to the incretin mimetic litigation, meaning that all federal lawsuits filed across the United States are now centralized in one judicial district. The incretin mimetic litigation, which includes the medications Byetta, Januvia/Janumet and Victoza, was centralized… Continue Reading

Transfer Order Consolidates Incretin Mimetic Litigation in Southern California

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As we previously reported, the United States Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation (MDL) convened to determine whether the cases, known as IN RE: INCRETIN MIMETICS PRODUCTS LIABILITY LITIGATION, should be given MDL treatment. Granting MDL treatment consolidates all federal lawsuits filed across the United States into one centralized district. This consolidation streamlines the pretrial discovery… Continue Reading

Diabetes Expert Warns Use of Byetta Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

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As we have previously reported, litigation regarding incretin mimetics, such as Byetta, Januvia/Janumet and Victoza, continues to grow across the country. Byetta (Exenatide), manufactured by Amylin Pharmaceuticals, in association with Eli Lilly and Co., entered the market in 2005 for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.  Byetta, now sold by Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca, is… Continue Reading

Incretin Mimetic Medications Byetta, Januvia/Janumet and Victoza Can Cause Substantial Injury

Posted in Byetta, Januvia/Janumet and Victoza, Defective Drugs

There are an estimated 25 million people in the United States with diabetes with an estimated $245 billion a year in diabetes-related health costs.  A number of drugs have been introduced to treat diabetes patients and time has shown that certain types of these drugs can cause substantial injury. Byetta (Exenatide), manufactured by Amylin Pharmaceuticals,… Continue Reading

Pradaxa Manufacturer Ordered to Produce Employee Records

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As we have previously reported, the use of Pradaxa has been linked to serious injury.  There are nearly 600 cases currently pending in federal court.  The lawsuits allege that Pradaxa, manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim, Inc., has resulted in devastating and sometimes fatal outcomes.  Pradaxa is a blood thinner that was marketed to replace warfarin, a… Continue Reading

New Study Correlates Elevated Cobalt Levels with Hip Device Failure

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A recent study published in the British Medical Journal Open suggests that elevated blood metal ion concentrations may be associated with early failure of metal on metal devices.  The study reveals that the presence of elevated cobalt blood levels is correlated with an increased risk of failure in the DePuy ASR device. The study reveals… Continue Reading

Bard Avaulta Transvaginal Mesh Trials to Start Summer 2013

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U.S. District Judge Joseph R. Goodwin, the federal judge presiding over all federal transvaginal mesh implant lawsuits, has ordered that the first four federal trials will begin this summer. The lawsuits, scheduled for trial in June 2013, will be tried separately, but all involve transvaginal mesh implants manufactured by Bard Avaulta. The lawsuits are currently… Continue Reading

Are Your Medical Records Accurate?

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It is believed that about 20 percent of Americans are suffering from a “poor credit health history” according to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  A new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report warns Americans that their personal medical files may not be entirely accurate.  It is believed that a person’s “health credit,” analogous to… Continue Reading

Topamax Mass Tort Filed in Philadelphia County

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According to a February 28, 2013 lawsuit filed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an Indiana woman has alleged that her child was born with a cleft palate as a result of her ingestion of Topamax during pregnancy. Topamax, manufactured by New Jersey based Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, is prescribed to treat epilepsy in adults and children. The lawsuit alleges… Continue Reading

J & J DePuy Engineer Blames Surgeons for Product Failures

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An orthopedic surgeon who helped design the recalled DePuy ASR hip replacement testified for the defense in California state court this week.  The surgeon, Dr. Thomas Schmalzried, was paid $3.6 million by DePuy’s parent company, Johnson & Johnson, for his work on the device.  Dr. Schmalzried testified that the surgeons that install the devices are… Continue Reading

EPA Finds Dangerous Levels of Lead at Newark, NJ Playground

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The Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) has reportedly found dangerous levels of lead contamination at a Newark, New Jersey public housing playground next to an old smelter site.  The story gained national attention as regulators scrambled to investigate and remedy the contamination.  The report, published in USA Today, shows the tested soil contained 15 times more… Continue Reading

First Trial in DePuy Hip Recall Litigation Begins

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As we have previously reported, in August 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics recalled all of its ASR products after reports surfaced alleging a higher than normal failure rate for their metal-on-metal hip implant devices. The recall encompassed about 93,000 devices in the United States, which has prompted the filing of approximately 10,000 lawsuits since 2010. The first… Continue Reading

Pradaxa Complaints Increase Despite FDA Approval

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Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) is a blood thinner that was approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in October 2010, to prevent strokes among patients with atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat). In the last quarter of 2010 alone, the FDA received over 300 complaints about the side effects of Pradaxa. In November 2011, Boehringer,… Continue Reading

Bayer Faces Possible Embarrassment in Yaz and Yasmin Litigation

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Bayer released a series of Saturday-morning-style cartoons for sales representative training purposes, which they seemingly hoped would motivate their sales reps to continue marketing their birth control drugs, including Yaz. One particular cartoon is entitled “IndiYaz A Jones and the Temple of Estradiol.” Estradiol is a hormone that is contained in the Yaz contraceptive, which… Continue Reading

New Jersey State Judge Expected to Select First Nuvaring® Trial

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As we have discussed in previous posts, studies have allegedly shown that the hormones contained in the birth control product NuvaRing® may be linked to various forms of severe side-effects including: heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis (also known as DVT or blood clots), internal organ damage, myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism. As we have… Continue Reading

Mass Tort Judge In New Jersey Sets Trial Dates for DePuy Lawsuit

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On July 26, 2012, Judge Martinotti hosted a joint MDL/State Case Management Conference in Bergen County, New Jersey, along with the Honorable David A. Katz, U.S.D.J., who is presiding over the federal cases in the MDL in Ohio. As previously discussed, the centralization of the state and federal cases will streamline the DePuy lawsuits, allowing… Continue Reading