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An Ounce of Prevention: Benefits of a Medication Review

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In 1735, Benjamin Franklin famously declared “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Franklin delivered that message to persuade a group of stubborn Philadelphians to create a full-time fire department that could serve the city and effectively manage a potentially devastating fire.  The idea that a modest preventative step could result in… Continue Reading

Pharmaceutical Companies Provide Compensation to Generic Drug Makers

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Pharmaceutical companies frequently pay generic drug competitors money to delay releasing their cheaper versions of brand-name drugs.  The result is a large financial reward for the pharmaceutical companies, both name brand and generic manufacturers, and a substantial cost to American consumers and insurance companies. A recent article explains that, within America, 80% of all prescriptions… Continue Reading

Are Your Medical Records Accurate?

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It is believed that about 20 percent of Americans are suffering from a “poor credit health history” according to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  A new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report warns Americans that their personal medical files may not be entirely accurate.  It is believed that a person’s “health credit,” analogous to… Continue Reading

Mass Tort Judge In New Jersey Sets Trial Dates for DePuy Lawsuit

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On July 26, 2012, Judge Martinotti hosted a joint MDL/State Case Management Conference in Bergen County, New Jersey, along with the Honorable David A. Katz, U.S.D.J., who is presiding over the federal cases in the MDL in Ohio. As previously discussed, the centralization of the state and federal cases will streamline the DePuy lawsuits, allowing… Continue Reading