As we have previously reported, in November, 2010, the FDA finally announced that it was pulling off the U.S. market the prescription painkillers, Darvon and Darvocet, which combines Darvon with the aspirin substitute acetaminophen, because of scientific evidence the drugs can damage the heart, even at recommended doses, or cause fatal cardiac abnormalities.  Studies have shown that the ingredients contained in Darvocet and Darvon have been linked to various forms of severe side-effects.  Reportedly, these side-effects include: heart arrhythmia, heart attack, suicide, overdose and even death.

As we have also previously reported, the United States Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation (MDL) met on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, in San Diego, CA, to hear arguments regarding whether the Darvocet and Darvon cases should be given MDL treatment. Granting MDL treatment will consolidate all federal lawsuits filed across the U.S. into one centralized district.  This consolidation will streamline the pretrial discovery process, allowing the parties to avoid duplicative discovery and inconsistent rulings from different judges.  The seven-judge panel, headed by the Honorable John G. Heyburn II of the Western District of Kentucky, has yet to issue a ruling.  However, a decision is expected shortly.