Defendants in the NuvaRing® litigation recently filed a motion before Judge Martinotti, who is overseeing the New Jersey state cases, asking the Judge to compel Plaintiffs’ counsel to produce any documents related to two (2) experts retained in another mass tort, Yaz/Yasmin litigation.  Defendants contend that Plaintiffs’ counsel had access to pre-publication information about new studies relating to the dangers of NuvaRing® performed by experts in the Yaz/Yasmin litigation long before they were published.

Plaintiffs’ counsel has filed opposition flatly denying the accusation as well as responding by stating that no evidence exists to support the Defendants’ contention. In addition, Plaintiffs dispute that the experts identified in Defendants’ motion have, in fact, been retained. As such, Plaintiffs’ counsel is arguing that the request is outside the permitted scope of discovery in the NuvaRing® litigation absent extraordinary circumstances. Oral Arguments on the motion will be before Judge Martinotti on August 8, 2012, with a ruling to be expected a short time later.

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