On May 13, 2013, a Notice to the Bar was issued by Judge Glenn A. Grant, Acting Administrator of the Courts, advising that an application had been made, pursuant to Directive #7-09, “Revised Mass Tort Guidelines,” requesting designation of all New Jersey state-court litigation involving Mirena Intrauterine device (IUD) as a multicounty litigation and assignment for centralized management in Bergen County.  The federal cases have already been consolidated in the in the Southern District of New York. All New Jersey cases shall be assigned for to Judge Brian R. Martinotti in Bergen County, New Jersey, who will be overseeing all aspects of pretrial discovery.

As we have previously reported, women across the country have alleged serious injuries resulting from their use of Mirena IUD.  These complications include device expulsion, device dislocation, perforation and vaginal hemorrhage that may require hospitalization or surgery.

If you feel you have experienced any side-effects from using the Mirena IUD, you can contact Stark & Stark and speak to one of the Mass Tort/Pharmaceutical Litigation attorneys, free of charge, who can help assess any claims that you might have against Bayer.