As we have previously reported, there are over 10,000 lawsuits pending nationwide against Johnson & Johnson for its metal-on-metal hip replacements, the DePuy Pinnacle and the DePuy ASR. Plaintiffs allege that the metal-on-metal hip replacement devices have a higher-than-normal failure rate. Additionally, some plaintiffs have complained that the device has caused metal poisoning, called metallosis, due to high levels of chromium and/or cobalt.

According to a Master Case List update, approximately 150 new cases were filed in September 2013. The Judge presiding over the litigation issued an Order on September 30 requiring that all Pinnacle suits, with the exception of those that have already been selected to serve as bellwether cases, be stayed until those trials have concluded.

If you have had a hip replacement, which used the DePuy ASR or DePuy Pinnacle devices, you can contact Stark & Stark to speak to one of the Mass Tort Attorneys, free of charge, who can help assess any claims that you might have against the DePuy manufactures.